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Getting a Night’s Sleep

Even if we don’t we possibly should be spending a full 8 hours a day on our mattresses. 8 hours is a large part of the day, one third of the day and yet we take it very much for granted and by that I mean we pay little attention to how comfortable we are for that one third of our day. They say we should spend one third of our sleeping as that is what experts recommend we need to be at our best, feel our best, perform at our best and enjoy life to the fullest.

The trouble is though that for most of us, 8 hours a day, one third of our life, is still not enough because we spend those other 16 hours feeling tired and not functioning as best as we perhaps should and the reason for this is although we are spending 8 hours a day on our mattresses, they are not comfortable enough to afford us 8 hours rest. Even if we do realize the problem, many of us are not prepared to pay what it would cost to buy a new mattress and so we are doomed to a life where we cannot do what we want because we feel too tired or do not get that promotion because we did not perform the best as we could have.

The truth is though that when you consider that we will spend one third of our lives on our mattress, no mattress is too expensive or too comfortable for us. We spend less time in our cars and yet spend whatever it costs to ensure we get the best one we can. We may go on holiday once a year and we will spend more on that holiday than we would for a new mattress even though that holiday will only make us feel good for a short while and not every day. Considering all of this if you still do not want to spend all the money it would cost to buy a new mattress, you should at least consider a compromise and that compromise could be in the form of a mattress topper. Although a mattress topper is not a full mattress and therefore makes it cheaper than a full mattress, the joy of cooling mattress toppers is undeniable and will certainly afford you that full 8 hours rest in comfort allowing you to once again perform at your best both in your work and your play.

As a mattress topper does as its name suggests, go on top of your existing mattress, it does not have to support the whole weight of your body, your old mattress does that but what it does do, is provide that old mattress with a new comfortable layer that will allow you to rest and sleep as much as your body needs to face whatever the next day may bring. Life is often hard and so you deserve at least 8 hours peace from its hassles.