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New Office Chairs

If you work in an office and have to sit on an office chair for several hours a day, you will be pleased to learn that there are now ergonomic office chairs available which will be far more comfortable and avoid you from getting unnecessary back pains. You can click here to learn about chairs including the new ergonomic office chairs but basically they are chairs which have been designed scientifically to offer you the opportunity to sit in a natural posture whilst working, therefore preventing any needless stress on your back or neck.

Ergonomics is the study of the effect using different objects have on your body and have so far discovered the correct way to lift heavy boxes without injury, what position to sleep in to obtain the maximum night’s sleep and of course how a chair should be designed in order to reduce stress on the neck and back. It is perhaps difficult to design one chair that will relieve everybody’s stress as each of us have different body weights and shapes but by designing an office chair which has adjustable features, one chair can serve all.

Several chair manufacturers took up the initiative and have now designed office chairs which are ergonomic. If you want to buy one of these new ergonomic chairs, you should perhaps first be aware of what the different adjustable features may be on one of these chairs and what exact purpose each adjustable feature offers. Listed below are some of the features you may find on some of the office chairs, with the purpose they serve and how they should be adjusted.

• Seat Depth – This will determine how far back on the chair you can sit and adjustments should be made to ensure that you sit right back, making full advantage of the backrest. Whilst sitting back though, the back of your knees should not touch the front part of the seat.

• Seat Height – When working you should be able to look straight forward at your work, not having to always craning your neck up or down as it could cause pains in the neck over the long term.

• Back Support – Back supports are provided to give your back, in the lumbar region, additional support and so therefore the back support should be adjusted to ensure that it is supporting the correct area of your back.

Armrests – Armrests are provided to give your arms a rst whilst you are not actually working but they must either be very low or be able to be adjusted up or down to ensure that they are not in the way of your elbows as you work.

Headrests – Although these are often referred to as headrests, they are in fact supposed to stop excessive stress on your neck and so they should be adjusted accordingly.

There may be other adjustable features on some chairs and there may not be arm and headrests on some ergonomic office chairs but whatever features a chair may have, they should be adjusted to fit you.