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TV Popularity

The popularity of the television was immediate and has continued to grow ever since its first introduction into the home. To match this popularity, hundreds of different TV stations have appeared in order to not just offer you a greater selection of choice but to also get their piece of the money pie. The number of manufacturers that make TVs has also drastically increased and each of them is also trying to make their share of the profits available from TV popularity. It was perhaps because there were so many different companies vying for money that resulted in us today, having such a wide ranging choice of TVS to choose from when we want to buy one. With each of the television manufacturers trying to provide the best TV sets, TV technology was perhaps rapidly improved and newer, better TVs were almost continuously being made available. First came the colour TVs instead of just black and white and then came flat screen TVs, HD TVS and 3D TVs.

Perhaps finally we now also have the choice of curved TVs. All these different types of TV of course came in a wide range of sizes and so the choices we had was huge. Just with curved tvs 2016 we have a wide range to choose from because different manufacturers make their own versions, each of course claiming that there are the best. With each new type of TV that appears, the hype is usually the same, “this new one will provide a better viewing experience” but do they all offer a better viewing experience in reality. The answer to that is that the colour TVs certainly did provide a better viewing experience, allowing viewers to see the news and be entertained in colour and not just black and white.

Flat screen TVS, if they didn’t provide a better viewing experience because of their imaging, they certainly allowed for the TVs to be placed in more places than they previously could, like being attached to the wall which in turn meant that they could be made bier, offering viewers a better experience that way. HD TVs provided clearer imaging and so they too were an improvement. 3D technology allowed TVs to show some programs in 3D and although this may be a good thing, currently the range of programming shown in 3D may be limited but as that increases, so should the 3D TVs worth increase.

That brings us to the curved TVs, the latest offering from some of the TV manufacturers. Although these TVs do offer a better experience as the manufacturers claim, in order to experience the best effect, you have to have a large TV and be sat in a limited range of places. These may then be OK for one viewer or perhaps even two but if a family is used to all gathering round the TV to watch programs together, some family members will not receive such a good experience as others and in fact may have a worse experience than if they had stayed with a flat TV.